Soy surrealista, bizantino, romano, barroco, rococó soy yo! romantico…¡Que me detengan! Mi nombre es Linken, no hay otro igual, no vienen por docena ¡Pues yo soy especial! Cuando me hicieron el molde quebré. sano y formal, vil y cordial ¡Loco totalmente estoy!

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"When I auditioned, I didn’t know the storyline. All I knew was that she was talking to her own mother in prison. What connects me and Daya together is no matter the struggle or what she’s been through, she can’t hold grudges and she really loves and wants to forgive and forget."

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A lot of boys in my poker circle are mathematicians who play on probability. I don’t have that kind of brain, so I rely on instinct. But I recently found out that poker and cards in general go way back in my family gene pool.